Gallery of Samples

Photo Restoration

Note: all images here have been greatly reduced in resolution.

All pages (c) Louis Lopardi
before The image at left was taken with one of the first Kodak color films (the car should help date it). While the film had degraded over the years, a trace of the original colors were present in some pixels. The film was scanned then pulled into Adobe Photoshop for corrections. A color gamut was created based on the assumptions of green for the trees, white for the sidewalls, and a neutral grey found in the windshield. after

Photo Retouching

before The edges of the print at left had badly faded. There were folds and wrinkles (see window frame left of chair arm) and light foxing throughout. Fingerprints had etched into the print in several areas. After retouching and adjustments, all the image needed was a slight gamma correction, but not so much as to lose the period character. after
dance The old, badly crumpled photo was cropped and much background removed to emphasize subject. It was then digitally hand tinted. dance2

Theater Graphics

postcard The standard mailing postcard at left was based on a view of the Gay Head Cliffs. The lighthouse however came from another photo, as did the clouds. Text overlay was a mixture of blue & black to avoid trapping problems.
The flyer for the show was done in Corel Draw, with raster graphics overlayed with marble textures, and again our lighthouse.
flyer This flyer for Winter Wedding was based on a period photograph which was restored & sepia toned, then trapped to the dark field for text.