Technology Oriented Links

(and other fun stuff)

This is a constantly evolving list. Please feel free to e-mail me your suggestions.

The FRACTINT Homepage This is the Official news and information site for one of the best Fractal Generating programs in the world. And it is FREE.
>It was used to make Janet Preslar's "Taupensky" Fractal at right, another award winner.>
Preslar Fractal
Edmund Scientific How could anyone grow up without ordering at least once from Edmund's?
NASA's MARS Project Yes, the real one, not the movie. Shot at right is the South Pole of Mars.> Mars south pole
JPL's Planets Gallery Everything you wanted to know about this solar system. (From the guys that go there) Saturn's moons
Hubble Space Telescope Incredible latest photos direct from the Hubble imaging team. The one at right is the expanding loop in Cygnus.>
Not to be missed is an unretouched photo showing a whole array of galaxies which are actually false images of ONE galaxy, multiplied by a gravitational lens in front of it. Thank you Dr. E., These things really do exist.
Cygnus Loop
Another from the HST site. A cloud of glowing dust "falling into" a black hole.> >Did you know we had photographed one? black hole
Hubble gallery A Nasa's greatest hits slide show.
Exploratorium SanFrancisco's Science museum online- A must visit site! Lots of unique web-only exhibits. Featured now: The Science Of Scateboarding,> Do you know why clear wheels perform better? forces at worklaunched